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Feeding Your Dog

Modern convenience makes food available all the time, thus we can eat whenever we want or feel hungry.  Maybe that’s the reason why we also tend to make food available for our pets by leaving plenty of food on their bowls for the whole day’s consumption.  Not even bothering to think if this lifestyle is really good for them or not.

As a dog trainer, I recommend that you should feed your dog on a regular basis.  Here are 3 important reasons why.

Regular Feeding Helps Establish Better Health

feedingRegular feeding helps keep your dog’s food fresh and bacteria free.  We all know that bacteria grows on almost everything including food.  Thus, giving your dog on distinct meals will eliminate this risk.  Also make sure to wash the bowl every after mealtime with soap and hot water to disinfect it for the next meal.

Regular Feeding Results A Successful Training

Dog training success mostly depends on regularity.  A regular time opportunity to poop and pee at the right place builds consistency.  This trick is also called predicting; as toilet breaks need to be established, we need to know how much time it would take for your dog to digest the food he ate and when he’s going to get them out.   This will also avoid accidents anywhere in the house.

Regular Feeding Support Training and Avoid Behavior Problems

Most common behavioral problems when it comes to feeding is “food hogging” and is very common if you have 2 or more pets.  To avoid this bad behavior, it is best to give your dogs regular separate meals.  This way, the pushier dog will not get all the food and the less assertive dog is getting his complete share.

Unless there is a medical reason for you to feed your dog with unlimited overflowing food, it is better to give them regular meals.