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How To Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Leash

Not all dogs can be a polite and well mannered canine citizen.  Most of them need a lot of training to focus on your instruction and not get distracted.  Dog training can sometimes be frustrating and stressful if your dog does not follow anything you say.

Here’s some tips on how to walk your dog on a leash without a sweat.


Get their attention when they get distracted


The first thing you should is to get their focus on you.  Oftentimes this requires for you to take a lot of treats to “bribe” them to pay attention to what you say.  Why?  Because it is important for your dog to know that you appreciate his obedience.  Treats are rewards for them, and if they do something good and worth praising, you need to let them know that you appreciate it.  This will be diminished as time goes.


Do not pull the leash when your dog lunge

Contrary to popular belief, pulling on the leash every time your dog lunges at a moving object is not the way to restrain them.  In fact it implies the opposite.  Dogs take it that you lost control over them when you pull the leash.  Instead, get your dog’s attention to you.  When you successfully get his attention, then your message is understood by your dog – his focus should be on you and not on the distraction.

Training your dog to be the most well behaved canine citizen in your community can be a lot of hard work.  But the in the end, you will be surprised how much improvement  your dog will display if you consistently communicate your message to him.